A variety of sweet, airy icing flavors sitting on atop of a spongy cake to keep your cravings at bay.

Cheese Cakes

Creamy and light, yet dense and fulfilling. All surrounded by a soft graham cracker crust.


A staple part to any meal and diet.


Flaky, warm, light in taste and texture desserts.


Soft or firm, cookies come in all shapes and flavors.


Traditional hand crafted pies loaded down and over flowing with your choice of filling.



Cupcakes: $3.00

From the classic vanilla buttercream icing with golden butter yellow cake to more elaborate flavors like the pina colada and cookies & creme cupcakes, we have the flavor to match your day and leave you feeling a little happier with each bite. 

Pick up what we have in store or get only the ones you want by ordering with all the flavors you want!

Pina Colada
Peanut Butter
Cookies & Creme
Red Velvet

Cheese Cakes

Whole Cheese Cakes: $50.00

Slices (only in store): $4.25

Decadent, creamy, and always delicious cheesecakes are a fine blend of creamcheese and your choice in accenting flavors atop a graham cracker crust

Classic Cheesecake

Classic cheesecake on a graham cracker crust which you can customize with your own choice of jams, syrups, and fresh fruits.

White Choco Raspberry

White chocolate cheesecake baked with raspberry drizzle.


Almond vanilla cheesecake whipped with an amaretto liquor and garnished with chopped toasted almonds.

Maple Pecan

A maple flavored cheesecake that is complimented by a pecan and cinnamon graham cracker crust.



Whole Loaves: $8.00+

Slices (only in store): $1.00

A historic staple to almost every meal since the rise of farming, Bread is a blend of water and flour that is often times baked with a myriad of additional ingredients to fit the culture and occasion.


A soft yet heavy loaf packed with potassium rich ripened bananas!


A delicate loaf baked with Zucchini shreddings. Try it with a light sugar glaze if you want to add some sweetness to it.


An Autumn classic. Filled with various spices and plenty of pumpkin.


A spice-based loaf baked with coconut, pineapple, and bananas and sprinkled with plenty of walnuts.



Often flaky and buttery, pastry dough makes a sweet treat in conjunction to various fruits, cheeses, jams, meats, creams, or even by itself!


The most recognized type of pastry. A warm, buttery, and flaky pastry to sit beside your cup of coffee or tea to wake you up in the morning. 



A delicate pastry full to the brim with a creamy filling and often glazed with chocolate.


Cream Puffs

Much like an Eclair but filled with a lighter cream and topped with powdered sugar.



Sandwiches of dough, filled with either strawberry, raspberry, or apple jam along with the perfect amount of cream cheese.


Giant Cinnamon Bun

This cinnamon delight is always a sweet treat. Often glazed or iced.




Cookies: $1.25+

Frosted Cookies: $1.50

Biscuits, Bars, or even Date Squares! What ever you may call them, cookies are a popular sweet treat where ever you may go through out the world! Keep it simple with a classic chocolate chip or do it up with a macaron, the cookie selection is endless!


Soft, sweet, and lightly cinnamon baked snicker doodles.

Chocolate Chip

A soft cookie loaded down with plenty of chocolate morsels.


Ever classic soft and chewy sugar cookies.

Peanut Butter

Speckled with melty peanut butter ships in a soft balance or surrounding fluffy cookie.


Coated in a buttercream frosting, these frosted sugar cookies are a much sweeter choice and often decorated with varying designs. 



9" Pies: $18.00

Hand Pies: $7.00

The home made legacy all under one flaky crust, Pies are a crusty vessel for all of your favorite kinds of fillings in any combination imaginable!

Traditional Flavors include Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, etc.


A pie stuffed with a sweet peach filling sitting on a thick biscuit crust.


A sweet, slightly cinnamon-y pie loaded with plenty of pecans.

Boston Cream

Smooth and creamy Boston cream pie with a fine chocolate ganache glaze.


Pumpkin pie is a widely recognized spiced dessert that simply best served as is.

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