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Ordering Policies

Be sure you look over our ordering policies to ensure that we are able to make your cake!

What We Need To Know

  • Your Name

  • Your Phone Number

  • Amount of People to Be Served

  • Date Needed

  • Estimated Pickup Time

  • Desired Cake Flavor

  • Desired Icing Flavor

  • Desired Filling Flavor

  • Desired Cake Coloring

  • Any Inscription

  • The Occasion

Please note that we would like to have at least 72 hour notice for in-store/cafe items and ONE WEEK for cake orders.

We make our cakes the same day they are to be picked-up to keep them as fresh and delicious as possible, so ordering early helps ensure you a spot in our daily bake schedule.

Thank you!

To place an order, or if you are just looking to inquire, give us a call within our store hours, or send us an email at

Please include your name, contact information, and details about your order. Our representatives will review and respond to you within 3 days during the work week.

Terms and Conditions

We require to have all of the following information before we can accept an order:

  • Buyer's Contact Information

  • Data and Time you need you order completed

  • Your order to be verified by our staff

For Wedding Orders, we require these additional points:

  • A minimum of 6 weeks notice prior to the wedding date

  • Minimum of 50% Non-Refundable Deposit on orders greater than $200

Payment and Delivery

Confirmed orders must be paid fully in advance through one of our accepted payment methods prior to any deliveries. We accept all major credit cards.

All deliveries will be made based on a mutually agreed date, time, and location. Please make sure that someone is available to receive and sign off on all deliveries. Additional fees applicable for delivery options.

Cancellations and Alterations

Any desired alterations to confirmed orders are to be reported to us as soon as possible. 

The acceptance of any alterations to an order is at the discretion of Sweet Rose Bakeshop.

Wedding Cake alterations requested 10 days or less before the delivery/pickup date may be subjected to a surcharge.

If your order is cancelled with less than 24 hour notice, all deposits or payments made on the order are non-refundable.


Upon delivery or pickup of your order, we require a signature on the condition from you or the person(s) accepting your order.

Upon signing off on your order's condition, we are no longer liable for any damage(s) and hold no responsibility for your order's condition.

In the event that your order is delivered or picked up damage, it is your responsibility to report the damage(s) to us upon delivery before signing off on your order's condition. A replacement or refund will be offered as restitution given appropriate circumstances.

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